Delivering new revenues to fund expansion plans


Our client, a fitness events business was looking to increase ticket sales to its existing events to fund growth of new events.

Whilst already a firm favourite amongst elite sports people they wanted to broaden their events appeal to a broader audience in order to boost ticket sales.

They needed a fresh plan to help broaden their appeal and identify new events locations.


After initial analysis we concluded that whilst their current customer base did have a skew towards elite sports people it was significantly more diverse than the client believed.

By utilising our in house audience intent modelling we were able to identify the humans behind the marketing segments which allowed us to redefine the targeting plan. With clear segmentation we were able to devise a new plan that allowed clear differentiation of audience groups, thus allowing us to advise on creative and messaging as well as identifying the right channels for targeting both existing and new customers.


The results were even better than we could have hoped – within 6 months we were seeing event ticket sales increasing 40% YOY. This success helped fund an additional 4 new events in the second half of the year.

In order to do this we utilised multiple data sources to map the UK and rank towns based on how closely they matched the target audience. This not only helped identify the 4 locations the client created events initially for but also developed into a 3 year plan to create a further 25 events.


We’ve worked on a number of projects with Turbine. The team are super responsive and energetic, quickly getting to the heart of the matter and coming up with smart strategies that deliver excellent results.

Dan Burman


We chose Turbine to help launch our proposition to the market. The team were extremely knowledgeable, developing and implementing a plan that maximised results from every penny spent.

Lesley Mace

Head of Operations, ohealio

Turbine are an extension of our team. They understand our business, speak our language, and teach us plenty too. Vitally, the Turbine folks focus on the outcomes we need to achieve. They don’t come to our Christmas party, but they’d be very welcome!

Stephen Roycroft

Managing Director, Krow