Engineering a nationwide rollout for a new coffee brand


Our client, a relatively unknown gourmet coffee brand wanted to take the next step on their journey and break into the high volume supermarkets.

They secured trial listings in key stores with two leading supermarket chains. Knowing that success, and the potential for nationwide rollout, would be defined by sales volumes, they developed plans to drive sales.

With a tight budget and diverse geographies to target, their initial plan to use outdoor poster sites around key stores could only be sustained for two weeks – Not long enough to generate the required sales over the trial period.

They needed fresh thinking to come up with an innovative plan.


Working with the client we developed two key customer personas.

Utilising demographic, location, and weblog data from 24m fully anonymised mobile devices we profiled audiences matching the personas.

Combining these audience profiles with the locations of stores and DOOH media sites we developed a new strategy, targeting the stores with the highest propensity of people most likely to buy – crucially targeting them at the right time of day, using DOOH sites within close proximity to the stores where they could buy our clients product.


Directing media investment to DOOH sites in locations close to key stores, that indexed highly against our target audiences, and buying them programmatically meant we eliminated wastage and maximised results.

In doing this we managed to extend the clients campaign time from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. This resulted in a successful launch for the brand in stores smashing their target projections by 56%. Following this the supermarket chains rolled out the clients brand across all suitable stores nationwide.


We chose Turbine to help launch our proposition to the market. The team were extremely knowledgeable, developing and implementing a plan that maximised results from every penny spent.

Lesley Mace

Head of Operations, ohealio

We’ve worked on a number of projects with Turbine. The team are super responsive and energetic, quickly getting to the heart of the matter and coming up with smart strategies that deliver excellent results.

Dan Burman

CEO, Story

Turbine are an extension of our team. They understand our business, speak our language, and teach us plenty too. Vitally, the Turbine folks focus on the outcomes we need to achieve. They don’t come to our Christmas party, but they’d be very welcome!

Stephen Roycroft

Managing Director, Krow