Suited and Rebooted

Winning new customer segments for an upmarket mens fashion brand



With an established online presence and stores in a number of wealthy UK towns our client had built a loyal customer base. However, as the median age of customers began to rise they were purchasing less frequently and from an increasingly narrow selection of the range.

Aspiring to reach new customers the client invested in developing a number of new product lines.  Despite being very much ‘on trend’, the new direction didn’t resonate with their existing client base or find the new audiences previously they were designed for.

They needed a new plan to recruit their future customer base without alienating their loyal fanbase.


Whilst the client believed they knew who their “new customer” should be we quickly identified that they had a brand perception challenge that needed to be understood and be managed both online and in store.

In order to do this we undertook a behavioural science research project to help uncover the hidden complexities behind their brand challenge. By segmenting their customers based on their psychological needs we identified clear differences in buyers. This was overlaid with product selection in order to develop a plan that not only identified different buyer types but crucially how to best communicate with them.

Off the back of this we rebuilt their segmentation across both customers and prospects and developed a true multi-channel strategy to fit with each group.


The results were transformative – with a 28% increase in customer engagement rates and crucially a 56% uplift in sales of the new ranges without any budget increase whilst still seeing a modest increase of 18% conversion rate against their traditional buyer base.

Crucially we established a new tone of voice and channel plan for the client to use to attract more new customers to the brand.


Turbine are an extension of our team. They understand our business, speak our language, and teach us plenty too. Vitally, the Turbine folks focus on the outcomes we need to achieve. They don’t come to our Christmas party, but they’d be very welcome!

Stephen Roycroft

Managing Director, Krow

We chose Turbine to help launch our proposition to the market. The team were extremely knowledgeable, developing and implementing a plan that maximised results from every penny spent.

Lesley Mace

Head of Operations, ohealio

We’ve worked on a number of projects with Turbine. The team are super responsive and energetic, quickly getting to the heart of the matter and coming up with smart strategies that deliver excellent results.

Dan Burman

CEO, Story